For Weddings and All Special Occasions

Are you looking for something different for your special day? Let Robert Ormesher 'weave a spell' as he mingles with your guests. First he'll entertain them with his special brand of close-up magic for that all-important ice-breaking warm-up period. They'll laugh, but they won't know how he does it. It's fast, it's funny and it adds an air of mystery to the occasion and is a fun conversation piece.

But Robert is not finished yet. What has he up his sleeve ? During the magic he has been selecting and studying his first subjects for what is to occupy most of his time ... the production of comedy Ďon-the-spotí, potentially wicked but always fun caricature mementoes.

Robert is also an accomplished portrait painter and fine artist who works on commissioned paintings and teaches fine art. Therefore for more sensitive guests Robert is able to lean more towards a portrait study when producing his caricatures.

Whatever the occasion, whether itís a private family gathering or corporate event, donít hesitate to give Robert a call and discuss your special requirements. Weddings are a speciality.

Robert is also a seasoned children's entertainer so children's magic may be offered either as part of the close-up magic or separately during the speeches.

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